Upcoming Events

At about this time last year, our team at Elite Environmental Solutions was preparing to exhibit at the Indo Expo in our hometown, Denver, Colorado. It was a fantastic weekend of connecting with other industry professionals, and showcasing our incredible lineup of offerings. 

At the show, we utilized one of our CO2 sensors in a demonstration for real-time data logging with remote access through our Elite Manager application. Instead of limiting this screen to just a phone or tablet, we broadcasted the live data – as well as the data log, on a large computer screen. At our booth, you had the chance to try out the CO2 sensor for yourself simply by speaking, or blowing directly towards the sensor.

As the day progressed, the CO2 in the building rose steadily, which was reflected in our log. In fact, you could come past our booth at 9am and check out the data log and return again at 2pm and see entirely different results. Our friends at The Original Resinator, were at a booth right next to ours, using CO2 to demonstrate their equipment. This was a happy coincidence because with every demonstration, our CO2 sensor would log the data, and it was very interesting to see the dips and peaks before and after the demo. 

Unfortunately, this would be our last in person trade show for more than 15 months as the pandemic swifty spread across the globe. In these months we have adapted to the new way of doing things and with that came the creation of virtual events. Almost all trade shows converted to a virtual platform in an effort to continue to cultivate the connection between people in the cannabis industry. We are so thankful for these efforts as well as the opportunity to participate virtually.

As we are coming closer to being able to attend and exhibit at in person conferences, there are still many virtual events to keep an eye out for in the meantime. We are looking forward to the Indo Expo Spring Show happening virtually April 15 and 16 as well as the possibility of  in person trade shows that could happen before the end of this year. The Cannabis Business Times has a wonderful, comprehensive list of industry events both virtual and in person. 

If you missed us at any of the virtual events we encourage you to reach out to one of our team members, or fill out a demonstration request on our website as we would be happy to schedule a personalized, remote demonstration for you. At Elite Environmental Solutions, safety is one of our top priorities and in these changing times want to make sure both our customers and employees stay safe and healthy.