Strain Spotlight – Mr. Good Chem

Good Chemistry is native to Colorado and has expanded to both Massachusetts and Nevada. I recently stopped by one of their Denver storefronts and picked up some of their in-house specialty. Mr. Good Chem was created by, and for Good Chemistry and are the only ones who have this incredible strain on their shelves after it was first introduced in 2015.

It is classified as sativa-dominant, although the company has not released their proprietary genetic cross used to create this masterpiece. On their website, Good Chemistry describes Mr. Good Chem as, “abundant with green hues and heavy trichome content” which is evident as soon as you look at it. Each nug is amazingly aromatic and completely coated with sticky crystals and bright orange hairs which beautifully compliment the bright green flower. As a strain that is reported to have medium density, I appreciate the construction Mr. Good Chem as it is just as easy to pull apart with your fingers and crush into a bowl as it is to run it through a grinder without it getting clogged.

As soon as I popped open the jar, a waft of sweet fruity air filled the room. It was immediately obvious how skillfully this bud had been grown and cured. This flower was absolutely caked in trichomes, and smelled so good you may actually begin to salivate. It is not harsh when you smoke it, and tastes almost as sweet as it smells! I was very impressed with Mr. Good Chem as it encompasses so many different smells and tastes with its extraordinary terpene profile. You can tell Good Chemistry has spent time dialing in, and perfecting this strain. 

Good Chemistry has developed a unique categorizing system to help users predict the experience they will have with different strains. They use S.T.A.T.S. (Sight, Touch, Aroma, Taste and Sensation) to score their strains, and educate their customers. Mr. Good Chem is suggested to have an uplifting, calming effect that eases stress while increasing focus and creativity. I would certainly agree with these effects, this strain is great for during the day, or in the evening. It doesn’t have a heavy sleepy effect like many indicas, nor is it an anxious high like some sativas can be. Mr. Good Chem is very well balanced, and I think they did a great job developing it.

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