Remote Access: Quality Grow, Quality Life for Grower

Many growers can attest to the countless hours they invest into their gardens to produce the best harvest possible. This often means serious sacrifice in their quality of life outside of their grow. Growers become accustomed to missing out on social events, holidays, and even sleep to maintain their crops. It’s one of those scenarios where people are simply unable to be ‘in two places at once’. Until now, that is. Our team at Elite Environmental Solutions has developed a robust, reliable, and customizable solution for growers across the industry. Our Elite Manager program and application provides remote access to the grower from anywhere in the world, with the ability to change environmental settings, scheduling and alerts in real time.

We understand and appreciate the major compromise growers have had to make in their personal lives in order to grow their careers in cultivation and produce the best product they can. With the development of new technology, the typical schedule of a grower will be able to change dramatically and afford cultivators a higher quality of life, with more time out of the garden. More time out of the garden? Wouldn’t that mean a sacrifice with the plants and quality of the product? Not at all. By implementing an automated environmental control system, the quantity and quality of your grow can both be improved. And with remote access growers have the ability to monitor and adjust the conditions of their facility in real time.

The best part? The conditional data throughout the grow cycle is recorded and compiled for you, so that your ‘recipes’ are available to view and can be easily replicated again and again. This is especially helpful when repeating a grow that was particularly successful as well as determining what might have hurt a grow that might not have done as well. If your facility is struggling with quality assurance, you know how difficult it can be to diagnose and remedy, in addition to the severe costs associated with low quality yields and loss of product.

Our objective at EES is to help growers achieve their goals by providing them with the best resources available. Our offerings make it easy to improve and manage cultivation facilities remotely, without any sacrifice!

If you are interested in learning more about Elite Environmental Solutions or the offerings we provide, you can visit us on our website or reach out to any of our friendly team members to schedule a customized product demonstration or facility consultation. We look forward to helping you grow!