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Intelligent CO₂ Distribution

Our systems deliver a precise dosage of CO₂ exactly when your plants need it. This means bigger plants and less money spent on cultivation.

Modular System Installations

In business, flexibility is key. Our modular installations offer the flexibility to expand your operation by providing the ability to scale your system as you grow.

High Tech Horticulture

Do more and worry less. We put power in your palm by delivering the latest in facility automation technology, connected wirelessly, monitored and controlled remotely.

OSHA Compliance Specialists

The exact cost of non-compliance can be difficult to determine, but without a doubt it is costly. We build our systems to exceed OSHA standards so you can rest easy.

Steps to Success


Facility Analysis & Planning

Our team will visit your facility to determine the specific requirements to install our fully customized solution. We build our system specifically for the facility and client we are working with to ensure it is as efficient and as effective as possible.


Design & Drafting

Creativity is best showcased in drafting. Our innovative engineers are able to create unique, sophisticated, yet simple systems that can be designed for any facility. They utilize the findings from the facility analysis, in addition to the specific features our client has requested to design the ultimate solution.


Installation & Comissioning

Installation will follow our approved system draft and will include everything you need to get started. Including a tutorial on how to use your new system. Our friendly technicians and engineers will make sure your system is operating properly - even after they leave the facility.

River Bear American Meats Denver, CO
MIP Lab Project (Eugene, OR)
RKI Sensor Mounted

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President Jason and Engineer Alex
Panel built by engineers Jason Rol and Alex Fouss
RKI Sensor mounted

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