Elite Safety and Compliance


We automate and control your grow based on our VPD targeted program. We can control the following components:

  • Lighting Schedules
  • Fan Settings
  • Relative Humidity
  • Room Temperature
  • CO₂ Distribution


We utilize a variety of alarms and alerts to keep your facility running safely. We equip all our systems with the following:

Facility Alarms

Instant Alert via SMS

Remote  Activation/ Deactivation of Components

Emergency Shut Off

24/7 Support and Troubleshooting From Our Team

Data Recording

Gathering and using your data can help you fine tune your grow, while creating consistent and replicable harvests. With data recording you can:

Track Grow Trends

Compare Results

Increase Efficiency and Yield

Strengthen ROI

Reduce Waste and Overall Cost

Negate Single Points of Failure 

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