Introduction from EES

Hello from Denver Colorado! My name is Brooks Hannock and I sit as the CEO and co-founder of Elite Environmental Solutions. We find ourselves lucky to be headquartered in what we call the ‘ground zero’ for the cannabis industry. We have forged a strong relationship with the Denver Fire Department and have made sure that our system incorporates all Fire Codes involved in cannabis cultivation. We are so excited for what our future holds.  

To round out our offerings, EES is partnered with MSystems to provide turn-key mobile lab and grow modules which include our custom controls and automation. These modules are completely self-contained and are turn-key. MSystems is located in Portland Oregon and manufactures and ships from the United States. Our partnership signifies a force to reckon with in such a thriving, new industry.

From the start, our team of engineers have made it their intention to shake up the Cannabis Industry’s norms when it comes to providing a sustainable environmental monitoring system. By using Industrial IOT, we bring a robust, and safe system to the market. We have spared no detail with researching some of the top growers in our markets and by concentrating on their grow habits and needs. 

EES has developed, designed, and licensed The Elite Manager.  Our own software created for the grower that wants to optimize yield and cut overhead with security and privacy in mind.  We not only have created one of the more sophisticated systems to allow targeted VPD through our Building Management System, but also take pride in the Life Safety for your workers and local AHJ(Authorities having Jurisdiction).  Our system provides CO2 in an intelligent proportional manner targeting VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit)  and rivals our competition’s on/off distribution system. In addition to growing higher quality product,  we save our customers on CO2 usage through our efficient delivery.

SMART delivery of gas controlled by the head grower to accommodate the most ideal Environment for your chosen  strains.  We like to say recreate the most ideal environment for natural, healthy growth.

Our Engineering division is headed up by Jason Rol who sits as the company’s CTO and Co-Founder. Our Director of Engineering is Alex Fouss.  We have Todd Grayson who sits as our Director of Cloud Integrations   Each with their dedication to innovation, have created a Monitoring System utilizing Environmental monitoring hardware from some of the best in the Industry.   

We look to the future with customers in Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Michigan and Massachusetts. As we follow the Green Wave, as a young company, we find our ability to be agile within the market and seriously poised to be a main provider of Environmental Controls and Automation in the Cannabis Industry.