Importance of Time-Series Data in Agriculture

Time series databases associate a value or event with a specific moment in time. The aggregate of these points can give a clear view about what happened to produce a certain outcome. These trends are as valuable whether or not the outcome was desirable. In order to produce and predict desirable outcomes relies on the correct and easy interpretation of this data. In fact, the ability of the mind to get a feel for a process based on the curves and trends of the data is heightened when the representation of the data is more organic and ergonomic.

We can see that data is power, but without easy access to this data and graceful representation of such, we may as well be guessing. The idea of owning one’s own data is one that links us to our outside world, literally so. Without diving too far into philosophy, the ability of data to be stored reliably using local and remotely backed up sources serves as a lifeline to any business, and the industry that is suited best for such time-series data is the agriculture industry.

Many factories pump out products as fast as their machines will allow, in the agri-business the machine is the earth, and it has a very stable timeframe for producing its product. Farmers don’t try to turn a double-crop on a whim or because their machinery got new superchargers and new tires, they must rely on the seasons. The grower must be focused on other things that will either produce or detract from a yield, this is quite an art form. As we know, however, the human mind may be able to intuit what to do to produce the best yield, but can we quantify the actions? Can we view the plethora of data that occurred while making these decisions? Yes, time-series databases offer the solution, reliable and robust storage of these databases mean it can be passed on from grower to grower, and the easy access and the presentation of the data means that the passed-down-to grower can easily infer the data without having to parse information like a computer.

It seems obvious then that these records should be commonplace in every greenhouse and they may be, but available only by proprietary means, or spread across many workstations. It is the goal to have a single access point for this data and for it to be yours, the property of the company that produces the product.

At Elite Environmental Solutions, we provide our customers with a robust platform for curating and protecting all of their data. We want to work with you to develop a solution that meets the specific needs of your operation and drive continuous improvement.