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Take Your Facility to the Next Level

We understand how difficult environmental management can be, with many different schedules to remember, out of date integrations and aging technical infrastructure can certainly lead to feeling overwhelmed. You know your grow has the ability to make it to the next level, but how does it get there when there are so many different variables to manage? From conceptualization to harvest, Elite Environmental Solutions will help you get there. We offer a comprehensive service catalog to ensure all days are perfect grow days. 

Drafting and Design

Whether it is new construction or a retrofit of an existing location, our professionals can design a custom CO₂ enrichment, irrigation and environmental management system to meet your needs.

Environmental Management Solutions

Our experience in designing cultivation and curing rooms as well as extraction facilities means that your facility will exceed evert regulation and your exacting standards.

System Calibration

Let us take away the hassle of maintaining your systems. With our Compliance Continuity Service Plan we ensure that your system is always compliant and running flawlessly.

KPI Logging

Did you have a grow that went particularly great? Great!

With our KPI Logging and Recall capability it is incredibly easy to pinpoint and replicate those ideal conditions or define your own condition presets.

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