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Summer Company Update

By bhannock | June 21, 2021

We hope your summer is going well, our summer at enVgrow has been very eventful and we are excited to share some updates with you! First and foremost, the unveiling of enVgrow, our cannabis focused division. enVgrow concentrates on bringing the newest, most innovative technology to the cannabis industry. We are happy to assist with the development, design,…

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Remote Access: Quality Grow, Quality Life for Grower

By sbergin | May 11, 2021

Many growers can attest to the countless hours they invest into their gardens to produce the best harvest possible. This often means serious sacrifice in their quality of life outside of their grow. Growers become accustomed to missing out on social events, holidays, and even sleep to maintain their crops. It’s one of those scenarios…

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States with Recreational Cannabis on 4/20

By sbergin | April 7, 2021

It has been an exciting couple of weeks watching as more states legalize marijuana across the country. As of November 2020, there were four more states that approved ballot measures effectively legalizing ‘adult-use’ cannabis in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. In addition, Mississippi approved a measure for a medical marijuana program. Even more…

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EES Spring Update

By sbergin | March 23, 2021

March has been a wonderfully busy month for the EES team! Alex Fouss and Jason Rol have completed the first phase of installation at a state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Holliston, Massachusetts. Arriving at the facility early in the construction process allows us better access to the grow space to install the CO2 distribution hardware. This…

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Upcoming Events

By sbergin | January 30, 2021

At about this time last year, our team at Elite Environmental Solutions was preparing to exhibit at the Indo Expo in our hometown, Denver, Colorado. It was a fantastic weekend of connecting with other industry professionals, and showcasing our incredible lineup of offerings.  At the show, we utilized one of our CO2 sensors in a…

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Importance of Time-Series Data in Agriculture

By afouss | January 5, 2021

Time series databases associate a value or event with a specific moment in time. The aggregate of these points can give a clear view about what happened to produce a certain outcome. These trends are as valuable whether or not the outcome was desirable. In order to produce and predict desirable outcomes relies on the…

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Strain Spotlight – Mr. Good Chem

By sbergin | December 22, 2020

Good Chemistry is native to Colorado and has expanded to both Massachusetts and Nevada. I recently stopped by one of their Denver storefronts and picked up some of their in-house specialty. Mr. Good Chem was created by, and for Good Chemistry and are the only ones who have this incredible strain on their shelves after…

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Company News

By bhannock | December 17, 2020

As we sit in the midst of a national pandemic, there are small businesses closing their doors due to these challenging times. We are lucky to report that Elite Environmental Solutions is thriving and has a healthy schedule of installs all over the country. We are looking forward to our installation in Massachusetts for Good…

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The MORE Act

By bhannock | December 15, 2020

In recent news, the House of Representatives passed, 228 to 164, a historic vote that would remove Marijuanna from the Controlled Substance Act. The MORE Act would end years of prohibition of the cannabis plant. In such heated political times, there was a push back by bill opponents, which was somewhat expected as we continue…

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Transitioning to The Regulated Market

By sbergin | December 8, 2020

The illicit market first became a ‘market’ or more widely known problem in the 1940’s when the government began strict rationing across Europe. At this time, it was referred to as the ‘black market’ which was, and still is an extremely broad term and consists of many economies.  The illicit cannabis market is alive and…

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