EES Spring Update

March has been a wonderfully busy month for the EES team! Alex Fouss and Jason Rol have completed the first phase of installation at a state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Holliston, Massachusetts. Arriving at the facility early in the construction process allows us better access to the grow space to install the CO2 distribution hardware. This facility is receiving the Elite Building Management System (BMS) with additional custom integration.

Our Elite BMS integrates all hardware to monitor and control all environmental set points in the building and features our intelligent CO2 delivery system, with life-safety monitoring included. Alex and Jason will return once the facility is closer to completion for final commissioning of the system. Our team is happy to discuss our custom control systems and the specific needs of our clients. We offer our services nationwide to both new or existing facilities. 

Our CEO, Brooks Hannock, and our Director of Business Development, Darin Meny, also spent time on the East Coast this month, travelling from South Carolina up to Massachusetts! The duo took time to visit with clients we have not seen face to face in almost a year, as well as a meeting quite a few more. It is essential for our team to stay connected with our partners to continue our promise of ongoing support. As a company that prioritizes safety, we are delighted to stop by in person any time.

Next week our team is headed to Michigan to meet with existing clients as well as some local architects to help educate around the requirements of compressed gas systems and growing indoors. We are pleased to work with designers and specifiers as well as owners and growers. If you are interested in scheduling a personalized presentation, virtual or in person, please reach out to one of our team members or fill out a request on our website. All of our services are available to any licensed facility nationwide. We are excited to help you reach your goals and maximize your grow!