Company News

As we sit in the midst of a national pandemic, there are small businesses closing their doors due to these challenging times. We are lucky to report that Elite Environmental Solutions is thriving and has a healthy schedule of installs all over the country.

We are looking forward to our installation in Massachusetts for Good Chemistry, a Colorado company with licenses in Massachusetts, Nevada and Colorado. We will be providing them with our total solution; a complete building management system (BMS) with CO2 controls including life safety, irrigation control and environmental automation.  

We have partnered with a company based out of Oregon, MSystems Online that provides turn-key mobile labs for CBD and cannabis manufacturing.  Elite‚Äôs C1D1 controls and life safety system come OEM in the M-400, and all other units. Our offerings are diverse and we take pride in our ability to offer life safety to both the grow and lab settings. This will bring EES to Klamath Falls, Oregon, and will mark our second laboratory install in that state.

We have another laboratory project scheduled for January to return back to Klamath Falls, where we will be installing our lab controls and CID1 Life Safety Monitoring for our customer Patriot Hemp Services. This will round off our third laboratory job in Oregon.

In late January, we will be taking our services to Lansing, Michigan for a company called Nugget, LLC. This will be another full BMS, with environmental management, and CO2 enrichment and life safety. Nugget is planning to expand in the area over the next few years and we look forward to supporting them in their plans by providing our services to help them reach their build out goals.

To finish up our January installs we are working with Purity Sciences, located just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We will be providing complete laboratory controls and CID1 Life Safety Monitoring.  EES is excited to be a part of a thriving new market and look forward to returning to the state for more business soon.

On the homefront, EES is close to having our Elite Manager fully developed for our customers. The Elite Manager is our interactive, fully customizable dashboard which will reflect all of the data points important to each grower from our top-of-the line sensors strategically placed in each room. Our fully cloud-integrated control station will allow for remote monitoring and operating in addition to receiving warnings about the facility via SMS. 

We are proud to have our own software created specifically for the grower. To develop this, we first interviewed top growers from all over the country and incorporated many of their current pain points and problems into our total solution. 

Our team is growing! We are delighted to announce the hiring of our new Director of Sales, Mitch Weatherred and Director of Engineering, Alex Fouss. In the coming months we will be hiring for our sales department as well as our engineering department. If you have interest in joining a great team of motivated professionals, please reach out to any of our members to learn more about applying. 

These are exciting times for EES!

Please stay tuned to our Elite Blog Posts and feel free to contact EES with any controls and automation needs!