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Elite Environmental Solutions

A small engineering firm dedicated to providing our clients with the ultimate solution. We focus on innovative programming, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled customer service.

Our system is a complete control solution designed specifically for your facility, to help you achieve your goals.

  • The systems are modular and can be equipped with intelligent CO2 delivery, remote access, and data logging to keep your facility running smoothly.
  • As construction specialists, we guide you through the submittal process, coordinate installation, facilitate commissioning, and provide ongoing technical support.
  • Elite Environmental Solutions provides the required monitoring and alerting for life safety, reviews all Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) codes, and issues the mandatory commissioning documents for the system to be activated.

Take Your Facility to the Next Level

We understand how difficult environmental management can be, with many different schedules to remember, out-of-date integrations and aging technical infrastructure can certainly lead to feeling overwhelmed. You know your grow has the ability to make it to the next level, but how does it get there when there are so many different variables to manage? From conceptualization to harvest, Elite Environmental Solutions will help you get there. We offer a comprehensive service catalog to ensure all days are perfect grow days.

Drafting and Design

Whether it is new construction or a retrofit of an existing location, our professionals can design a custom CO₂ enrichment, irrigation, and environmental management system to meet your needs.

Environmental Management

Our experience in designing cultivation and curing rooms as well as extraction facilities means that your facility will exceed every regulation and your exacting standards.

System Calibration

Let us take away the hassle of maintaining your systems. Our Compliance Continuity Service Plan ensures that your system is always compliant and running flawlessly.

KPI Logging

With our KPI Logging and Recall capability it is incredibly easy to pinpoint and replicate those ideal conditions or define your own condition presets.

Intelligent CO₂ Distribution

Our systems deliver a precise dosage of CO₂ exactly when your plants need it. This means bigger plants and less money spent on cultivation.

Modular System Installations

In business, flexibility is key. Our modular installations offer the flexibility to expand your operation by providing the ability to scale your system as you grow.

High Tech Horticulture

Do more and worry less. We put power in your palm by delivering the latest in facility automation technology, connected wirelessly, monitored and controlled remotely.

OSHA Compliance Specialists

The exact cost of non-compliance can be difficult to determine, but without a doubt it is costly. We build our systems to exceed OSHA standards so you can rest easy.


We automate and control your grow based on our VPD targeted program. We can control the following components:

  • Lighting Schedules
  • Fan Settings
  • Relative Humidity
  • Room Temperature
  • CO₂ Distribution


We utilize a variety of alarms and alerts to keep your facility running safely. We equip all our systems with the following:

  • Facility Alarms
  • Instant Alert via SMS
  • Remote Activation/ Deactivation of Components
  • Emergency Shut Off
  • 24/7 Support and Troubleshooting From Our Team

Data Recording

Gathering and using your data can help you fine-tune your grow, while creating consistent and replicable harvests. With data recording you can:
Track Grow Trends

  • Compare Results
  • Increase Efficiency and Yield
  • Strengthen ROI
  • Reduce Waste and Overall Cost
  • Negate Single Points of Failure

Steps to Success


Facility Analysis & Planning

Our team will visit your facility to determine the specific requirements to install our fully customized solution. We build our system specifically for the facility and client we are working with to ensure it is as efficient and as effective as possible.


Design & Drafting

Creativity is best showcased in drafting. Our innovative engineers are able to create unique, sophisticated, yet simple systems that can be designed for any facility. They utilize the findings from the facility analysis, in addition to the specific features our client has requested to design the ultimate solution.


Installation & Commissioning

The installation will follow our approved system draft and will include everything you need to get started. Including a tutorial on how to use your new system. Our friendly technicians and engineers will make sure your system is operating properly - even after they leave the facility.

Meet The Team

Brooks Hannock

Brooks Hannock

Brooks has worked in industrial automation for more than eight years and uses his experience to develop the safest, most reliable system available.

When he isn’t working, you’ll find Brooks spending time outside on his dirtbike or listening to live music with friends and family.

Alex Fouss

Alex Fouss
Director of Project Engineering

Alex is an exceptionally creative engineer with a mind for innovation. He holds an electrical engineering degree from The University of Colorado at Boulder and has worked in the testing, controls, and automation. Alex is known for his inventive problem-solving skills and talent to generate groundbreaking and elegant solutions.

Alex spends his free time refurbishing retro electronics, appliances, and cars.

Derek Cysyz

Derek Czysz
Applications Engineer

Derek focuses primarily on research and development. He has experience designing, assembling, and testing industrial automation and holds a degree in Computer Sciences. Derek works diligently to discover new ways to advance enVgrow’s system and offerings.

Derek likes to spend his free time enjoying the outdoors, rock climbing, and hiking.

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